The ISIS II Light Recoil Reducer

Recoil is something we would rather not experience when firing a gun.

Whilst it is not possible to eliminate recoil altogether, with the ISIS II Recoil Damper it is now possible to make it considerably more comfortable.

The reduction in felt recoil will not only make your shooting more comfortable and pleasurable, it will probably improve your accuracy as well.

A highly efficient, compact and lightweight recoil reducer that has the looks of a conventional recoil pad.

Making the body of the unit from high quality impact-resistant polymer is a major breakthrough in recoil reducer design.

There is virtually no alteration to the balance of the gun.

The foam/leather infill is an integral part of the ISIS Recoil Reducer.

The specially manufactured, high density foam acts as a pneumatic shock absorber, working in conjunction

with the hydraulic unit.

The stiffness of the foam creates a firm back pressure for when the gun is mounted, keeping the unit in the open position until the gun is fired.

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How does the recoil feel?
Effect of ISIS II Recoil Reducer
How will it look when fitted?
Leather covered infill Recoil Reducer fitted by Ron Huffman (USA)
What's in the kit?
ISIS II Parts list

The ISIS II Light is available in 2 different flavours:

Standard Model

The Standard Model is for general use and is available with either the Soft or Medium Shock Absorber fitted.


The Semi-Auto Model is for shortened semi-auto stocks, 84mm overall (if 11mm green pad is used and is for 24 - 28gm loads only - 32gm loads by special order).

Special Deals

The ISIS II Light can also be bought as a package with either the 11/14 mm Green Pad, or with the 20mm ISIS Fully Adjustable Recoil Pad

For the latest pricing and delivery costs, please see our price list page

Additional notes:


The ISIS II Recoil Damper Standard Model is available with a choice of either the "SOFT" or "MEDIUM" Shock Absorber.

  1. If 24gm - 32gm loads are to be used, we would recommend the SOFT unit
  2. If 32gm - 36gm loads are to be used, we would recommend the MEDIUM unit
  3. If the unit is to be fitted to a semi-auto, we would recommend the SOFT unit for 24gm - 36gm loads.


If the Standard Model is to be fitted to a semi-auto, a minimum dimension of 100mm (4”) is needed between the face of the pad/butt plate and the stock bolt. This allows for a 10mm/12mm butt plate to be used.


The damper unit allows the gun to move backwards into the shoulder by about 6mm (1/4”) when the gun is fired. If your gun has a high comb, it may need to be reduced slightly to avoid contact with your cheek during recoil.


RECOIL REDUCTION is not just about the physical aspect of your shooting. It can positively benefit the way you shoot:-

  • FATIGUE will be reduced during the latter part of 50/100 target competitions.
  • CONCENTRATION is therefore improved which helps eliminate those unexplained targets that just seem to slip away.
  • ACCURACY is improved by allowing the comb to be positively mounted into the face every time. 'Head Lifting' can be minimised, if not eliminated completely.
  • CONTROLLED RECOIL allows the trigger to be squeezed smoothly and reduces 'snatching' caused by excessive recoil.
  • CONFIDENCE of smooth recoil allows the gun to be fired the instant you choose and not as a reflex action as muscles stiffen to accept high recoil forces.
  • MUZZLE FLIP is significantly reduced so the shooter can see the barrel to target relationship as the shot is fired. The second target of a pair is acquired quicker and with more control of the gun.

Whether a serious competition or club shooter, can you afford to ignore the real opportunity to improve your shooting? Join the growing number of shooters of all classes who are benefiting from using the ISIS II Recoil Damper.

The ISIS II Recoil Reducer is the only unit of its kind and is manufactured in the UK. The unit was developed and patented in 2001 and has sold very successfully throughout the world since.


Each unit comes with easy to follow fitting instructions and a Lifetime Guarantee.


The main components of the ISIS II are the top and bottom plates which are made from high impact polymer to give a lightweight and very strong body which houses the latest, lubricant free, linear bearings and hard anodised aluminium guide shafts.

Energy absorption:

The bulk of the energy absorption is due to the highly efficient miniature shock absorber which is specially designed to maximise the reduction of the peak forces created as a gun is fired.


Three systems are used to control the recoil effect:

  1. The hydraulic shock absorber that does the bulk of the work.
  2. The mechanical resistance of specially manufactured springs which can be varied in strength, dependent on each individual shooter.
  3. The pneumatic smoothing effect created by metered air release as the unit compresses.
These three mechanisms working together create a linear deceleration of the gun over a very short distance (about ¼”) which is hardly noticeable to the majority of shooters. The effect is that of a much lighter cartridge being used and significantly less physical punishment transferred to the body. Whilst this is obviously desirable to reduce the possibility of physical damage it greatly reduces fatigue over long periods of sustained shooting during competitions.

Gun Fitting:

A thin heel plate or firm rubber pad is all that needs to be fitted to the unit. The narrowness of the pad means that a minimum of stock length removal is needed when fitting the unit and the balance or the gun can be maintained which is very important to sporting and F.I.T.A.S.C. shooters.


The black leather trim gives the effect of a standard Recoil Pad fitted to the gun.


The Standard Sporting Model is 1” thick. The Standard unit will fit onto Semi Autos such as the Beretta range and there is a special Short Auto unit for those with shortened auto stocks or long stock retention screws.

At the Heart of the System - The Miniature Shock Absorber

Using the most up-to-date 'Miniature Shock Absorber' a form of 'Linear Deceleration' is used which brings the backward movement of the gun smoothly and gently to rest by a constant resisting force throughout the unit's entire stroke. The recoil load is decelerated with the 'lowest possible force in the shortest possible time 'eliminating force peaks and vastly reducing shock to the mechanism of the gun.

This unit is designed to give optimum smoothness of operation from light to heavy loads.

With the design and materials used for The Miniature Shock Absorber, the unit requires no adjustment or maintenance.

Linear Bearings

To keep mechanical movement as smooth and maintenance free as possible, extremely hard and polished shafts pass through high precision 'Linear Bearings'. It is very important to ensure smooth operation especially when the recoil pressure is not central to the butt plate of the gun. For example, when shooting 'down' onto targets below one's feet or at 'high' driven targets above one's head. This gives an uneven pressure to either the 'toe' or 'heel' of the stock.

Suggested Cutout (Standard Model)


Once again thank you for the excellent service from Recoil Systems, the spacers arrived promptly as promised. This level of service and your product knowledge Is why I continue to buy and install your recoil pads on every gun that I buy..

Paul Ricketts
Competition Clay Shooter Sponsored by Atkin Grant & Lang

Since using your recoil system my scores improved from A to AAA but due to funds had to stop shooting about 12 years ago.

I recently started shooting sporting clays again and was struggling with a new gun which didn't have one so got my old gun out and replaced the springs which you kindly sent me and my scores are flying up the table.

Paul C (UK)


I have had your Isis on my K-80 for about one year and have always liked the unit.  Not until yesterday did I truly appreciate the reduction in felt recoil.

I normally shoot a one ounce load at 1200 fps and enjoy the lack of felt recoil.  However, I had a flat of Nitro 27 (1 1/8 oz. @ 1300 fps) that I wanted fire, to have the hulls for reloading.  So, I took the flat of "hot" Nitros to shoot at our five-stand field.  We got to having fun and when the session was over, I had shot the entire ten boxes.  These loads "kick" me to the point that they are not a fun load to shoot, without my Isis.  This morning I have noticed no ill effects on my shoulder and I am ready to shoot again!

This note is a long way of thanking you for an excellent product.  I love the combo of my K-80 Sporter with the Isis ll.  The shotgun is perfectly balanced, pleasing to the eye, AND the obnoxious "kick" is a thing of the past with the Isis ll.

League City, Texas

Hello David & Debbie. 

The isis system (ISIS II Light with Green Pad) is fitted and tested. 

Very impressed. 

Fitting instructions answered all the questions and made the job easier than expected. (Measure 10 times and cut once was the rule. Ha ha)

No test firing it, straight into competition.

200 target ATA Style shooting. 

First bird out, I thought I had had a miss fire. Very pleasant surprise indeed. The Beretta DTII is a soft shooting gun anyway, but with your system and pad I hardly felt any recoil at all. 

The balance of the gun also returned. Before I had 40mm of recoil pad and packers which actually weighed more than the new back end.

This will no doubt extend my shooting career for which I will be eternally grateful to you. 

Keep on smokin those clays.

Cheers Ian (New Zealand)

The Recoil System's recoil dampener and pad are excellent. I have now been able to shoot for a lot longer than previously without pain in my shoulder. The aesthetics of the pad means it fits perfectly into the shoulder when mounting the gun. To top it off, the customer service is second to none.

Steven Spink

Hi David,

Have now fitted the recoil damper and I tried the gun out last Sunday. I had no effects from recoil, didn’t actually feel any recoil at all, set the pad up with the soft springs to start with. Excellent product just as you described, First Class!!!!!

Kind Regards

Malc (UK)

Hi David, Debbie

I got my gun back from Malcolm on Wednesday after fitting my ISIS II and Green Pad, he did a fantastic job as you said he would. I have been shooting once a week using 21g for a long time due to lower back pain. The light cartridge still causes a little pain but usually only for a few days, 28g was out of the question. I went down the range same day and shot 60 28g and 50 21g with no fatigue during the round and no pain next day. I took my son who has only shot four rounds ever. He usually gets a sore shoulder around the 50 mark and towards the end it gets very painful. With ISIS he felt nothing at all during the round or next day. We both said we could do this all day.

Two days later (yesterday) I shot another 100 28g and 25 21g at skeet. I felt no fatigue during the round and I shot very well right up to the last stand, it was actually my best round ever. This morning my back feels like I never shot at all.

As an unexpected bonus my gun mount has greatly improved. The wider flatter green pad just finds its own way into my shoulder every time. I seem unable do a bad mount.

I always have very high expectations from anything I spend my hard earned money on and I'm usually disappointed, but that's not the case with your products. Money very well spent no question.

Thank you both for all your help and advice. If you have any potential customers down my way who are unsure about the benefits of ISIS I would be more than happy to meet up with them and let them try my gun.

Best wishes,

Steve (Hampshire)

“After trying most things to alleviate recoil problems, semi-auto, 24 gram then 21 gram loads. I had your reducer fitted! End of problem!”

Derek G

Hi, just to let you know I fitted my recoil pad and tried it yesterday, a marked improvement in felt recoil, I also shot 100 straight!

Mike (UK)

Just letting you know that the ISIS Recoil Damper arrived save and sound on Saturday. Royal Mail and Airsure have a very efficient postal service. I am very impressed with the whole package and look forward to fitting it to my MX8 Perazzi. The instructions look very easy to follow and I don’t see any problems fitting the ISIS Recoil Damper at this stage. The overall quality of the product is excellent and can see a lot of thought has gone onto the design. I will let you know how it performs in a few weeks time. Thank you for your very efficient service and will contact you again soon.

RP (New Zealand)

Dear David, We have been away from Switzerland for a few weeks as a result of which I only had my gun back from the workshop last Saturday and just last night was I able to try it out. The result - superb!

P M-R (Switzerland)

Hi Debbie,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say I did receive the soft and extra soft springs last week. Thank you again for providing them to me. I shot sporting clays with the medium springs the weekend before I received the soft springs and the difference in recoil was amazing, in fact it was the best score I have ever shot in sporting clays; with the Isis the second shots seemed smoother. One of the guys I shoot with shot my gun and he was also very impressed and said he was going to look at having one installed on his gun. I’ll give the softer springs a try as soon as l can but so far I’m very pleased with the Isis and the great customer service you have provided.

Chris (USA)

“Hi Debbie, I just would like to thank you and Dave for everything. I will be doing a lot of positive talking at the firing ranges I go to and let the people there and my friends know how I feel that your systems are the best in the market - for customer service your Co. is the best. I have never had any other costumer service that has been so helpful as yours. Many Thanks MD M SR” (N.C. USA)

As printed in Sporting Shooter Magazine:

I recently purchased an ISIS Recoil System and had it fitted by the recommended gunsmith, Malcolm Jenkins of Luton. I have been suffering for frozen shoulder for the past five months and the complaint has been curtailing my shooting activities. As you can imagine, after shooting clays or the odd woodpigeon, it has really hurt.

So, after talking to a 'very nice man' at Sporting Targets at Risley in Bedfordshire, I was convinced that I should give the ISIS Recoil System a go. And boy am I glad that I did! Not only has the designer of this unit managed to produce a fantastic product that works and does what it says it will, but Malcolm Jenkins has fitted the ISIS to a very high standard.

I have nothing but praise for the ISIS and the friendliness of both the supplier and the fitter. So, if any of your readers are getting worried about how they will fare as old age aches and pains creep up on them, they need worry not - ISIS is definitely the answer.

RP, Northants

David: I received my gun back from Mike Sherman yesterday and shot it in the 5-stand league at my club last night. Before sending the gun off to Mike, since I had not shot the gun in some time because it hurt my right shoulder joint too much, and because I wanted to be able to do a subjective before and after comparison of recoil, I shot two rounds of skeet with 2 3/4 dram, one oz. 12 gauge loads. My shoulder joint was inflamed for four days afterwards.

By way of background, I separated my right shoulder joint when I was 18 playing football. The joint became hyper-mobile, and after years of the ball bouncing around in its socket, it ground away most of the cartilage. Finally, it got to the point that when shooting a 12 gauge O/U with 2 3/4 dram, one oz. loads, every time the gun recoiled, the joint would bounce around and become inflamed. I had been reduced to shooting an autoloader to mitigate the recoil.

I waited until this morning to write to you to see what the effect was on my shoulder joint, and I am please to say there is no inflammation whatsoever. In other words, the operation (on my gun) was a complete success! With your ISIS system installed, I can once again shoot my favourite sporting clays gun (Guerini Magnus Sporting). Not only does it work extremely well, but Mike Sherman did a perfect job of installation (the ISIS system looks like part of the gun instead of looking like an add-on prosthesis) and had the gun back to me in about a week. Further, as you said, installation of the ISIS system produced no change in the handling dynamics of the gun, which was a very important factor to me.

Thanks for a great product and for answering all of my questions before I decided to have the ISIS System installed. My guns are like my children, and had the "operation" been botched, or had the handling dynamics of the gun been adversely affected, this would have been traumatic to me.


Hi David, The jury is now returned and the verdict is EXCELLENT ! The system itself is certainly making a difference to my concentration, and scores are increasing. B.D.

David, I had the pleasure of shooting my Beretta 391 with the ISIS and Green Pad today for the first time, and I was truly amazed. I used hot 20 ga. loads, and was apprehensive that I was not giving it a fair test, as the loads were much hotter than I normally use. No worry - the ISIS tamed them so I hardly felt a thing.


It is probably the best investment I have made when it comes to shooting, I can now shoot any shells I like without fear of recoil, and I enjoy my shooting more than ever.

Dennis Roswell, Somerset

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