Users of the SureFit Green Pad in the English team won gold, silver and bronze medals in the clay target discipline at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

The ISIS GREEN PAD Shock Absorber

To provide the exceptional recoil absorption characteristics of the ISIS Green Pad, we use the very latest development in shock absorbing materials. It is a patented, high tech, micro cellular polyurethane elastomer. Its structure has been designed to withstand the toughest environments, and it is immediately recognisable by its excellent vibration damping and shock absorbing properties (as well as being green).

To further improve and smoothly absorb and release the recoil energy, Recoil Systems have developed Lamina technology, which is an innovative technique using different densities of the micro cellular, elastomeric polymer in two layers. This allows differing levels of shock and vibration to be absorbed, slowing the impact force and reducing kinetic energy. The result of this is that the gun is more stable under recoil.

The Green Pad recoil pad is a major development in recoil pad design.

SureFit: Each pad is individually shaped and contoured for either right or left handed shooters. A more positive gun mount gives more accuracy and consistency whilst allowing the comb of the stock to fit more ‘snugly’ into the shooters face. The shape of both right and left handed pads gives more surface area contact with the shoulder pocket and therefore less felt recoil.

Double layer of polymer with different densities, slowing the impact force and reducing kinetic energy.

Put simply, it is an innovative technique of using different densities of elastomeric polymer in two layers. This allows differing levels of shock and vibration to be absorbed, slowing the impact force and reducing kinetic energy. The result of this is that the gun is more stable under recoil.

The ISIS Green Pad is available in the following options:

  1. The oversized pad with leatherette facing is available in 11/13/14/16/19/23/25mm
  2. ‘Self Fit’ option (fit pad, scribe around stock, return to Recoil Systems for grinding to size).

For the latest pricing and delivery costs, please see our price list page

How does the Green Pad work?

When the impact material is manufactured, vast quantities of tiny air pockets are formed. Due to the molecular structure of the material, these air pockets take the shape of tiny dodecahedrons (having 12 faces). This regular structure gives remarkable distribution of energy on impact.

An impact causes the cells to compress, forcing the webs of material outwards against each other, slowing the impact down, reducing the kinetic energy. After the impact the material returns to its original shape at a steady rate, and does not bounce which would create a return force to the shoulder, which is the significant problem with other recoil pads.

Green Pad Variations

Green Pad thickness

  • Standard: 11mm, 13mm, 14mm, 16mm
  • Oversized: 19mm, 23mm, 25mm

Green Pad shape

In addition to the left or right handed option, the Green Pad is available in either a concave or convex shape

Videos showing recoil with and without the ISIS Green Pad

So why is a good recoil pad important? Click on the image below for the video, where the sequence takes place over 1/6 of a second. Watch the top sequence three or four times, then watch the bottom sequence.

A big thank you to Recoil Systems, the phone advice given over a Recoil Pad for my sons 28bore shotgun was brilliant, ISIS pad received quickly and straight forward to mark out which bits needs sanding down with them arriving oversized and fits perfectly and more importantly works very well indeed too.

I would recommend this product to anyone needing a bit more protection from Recoil.

Nick Pinkney

Green pad arrived this morning. I must congratulate you on your extremely quick service. I have now fitted the pad to my stock and it is a perfect fit.

Incidentally I am very pleased with the comb raiser I purchased from you earlier.

Ivan J (UK)

I purchased the left hand sure fit model and have shot it a few times now, and I really love the feel of it. I particularly like the improved contact I feel in my shoulder, and the tacky strip now supplied with the pad. The combination of the subtle contour and tackiness is exactly what I was hoping for. Glad I bought it.

Rick (USA)

The Recoil System's recoil dampener and pad are excellent. I have now been able to shoot for a lot longer than previously without pain in my shoulder. The aesthetics of the pad means it fits perfectly into the shoulder when mounting the gun. To top it off, the customer service is second to none.

Steven Spink


Thank you for letting me visit your workshop and listening to my tail of woe. As I explained after sever injury, where my shoulder blade and joint, collar bone, upper arm and ribs were smashed, coming back to shooting was proving to be a very painful experience. I tried all sorts of butt pad and body protectors to no avail.

I fitted the 23mm Surefit Green Pad to my 303 Beretta (as a gas operated auto the recoil was less ferocious) and later fitted the 25mm XPad to my Parazzi MX8. To say the result has been a wonderful success would not in the least be an over statement. Where before five shots would be "enough for today thank you" I now can shoot a hundred plus without any perceived recoil and no after effects.

Regards Mike

Hi David, Debbie

I got my gun back from Malcolm on Wednesday after fitting my ISIS II and Green Pad, he did a fantastic job as you said he would. I have been shooting once a week using 21g for a long time due to lower back pain. The light cartridge still causes a little pain but usually only for a few days, 28g was out of the question. I went down the range same day and shot 60 28g and 50 21g with no fatigue during the round and no pain next day. I took my son who has only shot four rounds ever. He usually gets a sore shoulder around the 50 mark and towards the end it gets very painful. With ISIS he felt nothing at all during the round or next day. We both said we could do this all day.

Two days later (yesterday) I shot another 100 28g and 25 21g at skeet. I felt no fatigue during the round and I shot very well right up to the last stand, it was actually my best round ever. This morning my back feels like I never shot at all.

As an unexpected bonus my gun mount has greatly improved. The wider flatter green pad just finds its own way into my shoulder every time. I seem unable do do a bad mount.

I always have very high expectations from anything I spend my hard earned money on and I'm usually disappointed, but that's not the case with your products. Money very well spent no question.

Thank you both for all your help and advice. If you have any potential customers down my way who are unsure about the benefits of ISIS I would be more than happy to meet up with them and let them try my gun.

Best wishes,

Steve (Hampshire)

Thank you for altering and returning the self-fit recoil pad for my Beretta 682.

Replacing the 13 mm pad with a 23 mm pad has helped gun fit and reduced recoil. The self-fit option that you offer is very convenient and hassle free.

DT, Northumberland

David, I got ( next day ) delivery of new fully adjustable recoil pad and have fitted it to DT 10.sporter .

Tried out last evening at sporting targets the pad works well and has not affected gun balance .

Hi David,

Fitted the pad to my K80, easy to install and the pad ground very well with an 80 grit paper. Adjusted at the pattern plate for fit and point of impact.

Had always felt as if I was fighting the gun on certain target presentations. The installation allowed more cast at toe and a fine adjustment to create a small Monte Carlo, which achieved a more consistent gun mount and a couple more targets!

There is also reduced felt recoil from the gun after the pad has been fitted!

Cheers Chris Batha

I must commend Debbie and yourself on the prompt and friendly service that you have given me with respect to the supply of the Green Pad.

I will without hesitation recommend your business to my shooting acquaintances. (TF Australia)

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I've been getting on; I've been out twice since having the pad fitted and what a difference it's made! My scores are up (although I wont give up the day job just yet!) and importantly my shooting is more consistent as the pad lets me concentrate on the target and not recoil.

Overall I'm really happy with the pad and have recommended it to all the guys I shoot with. Thanks again for the fantastic service.

(23mm Surefit Green Pad)

Thank you for sending the recoil [green] pad which is so effective on my K80 that I am now noticing recoil on my Beretta auto. I therefore need a repeat order for that.


Yesterday I tried my Perazzi with the 25mm Green Pad, it is the best pad I have ever used, it is much better than the ******* pad and the **** ********** pad. Congratulations David!

My next project is to install the anti-recoil system on the stock that I ordered for my Guerini Impact.

MP (Lebanon)

“David, Many thanks for the fantastic service last week. The new green pad fits both the gun and me really well and the new (soft) springs in the ISIS make the gun even more comfortable.

Regards T M”

Dear David, I would like to thank you for developing and delivering of an outstanding state-of-the-art recoil and ergonomic stock pad. I tried my new green pad yesterday over a 100 sporting clays course and went home without any neck pain. But most outstanding is how easy now the gun comes to the shoulder and the stability of the gun during the swing. Thank you very much for your advice over the phone, it has definitely helped me to improve my gun mounting and stance. Best regards, J.G. Cambridge

"I use the Green Pads on two of my guns (they're great). This one is for my grandson's gun!"


"Hi Dave,

Just a line to say Thank You. The Surefit recoil pad seems to have sorted my recoil problem. I put the pad onto my MK10 and shot it yesterday. Unlike the xxxxxx pad, the Surefit has not altered the impact point of the gun. The gun is shooting exactly where it should, but a great deal steadier, no jumping between 1st. and 2nd. barrels AND NO BRUISING !!! Thanking you once again, and you can rest assured that I will be advising my customers, who may have recoil issues, about your products,

Yours sincerely, K.B."

"Dear David,

I would like to commend you, not only for your ingenuity in devising products to help shooters improve their performances, but also for their advanced technical excellence and superb quality and for the clear and detailed instructions and directions on how to install and use them.

I would also like to express my appreciation for the great deal of time that you take to patiently explain all aspects of the working of your products to us shooters.

We’ve known each other for many years and I wish you continued and well-deserved success, as you help us fellow shooters find that “extra” target or two!!

Your friend.


A few weeks ago I purchased one of your trap pads for my daughter, got it fitted fine and the good news is that today she has just won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Championships in New Delhi, India. I think I will now be purchasing one for myself!!!! C.B.

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So why is a good recoil pad important? This sequence takes place over 1/6 of a second. Watch the top sequence three or four times, then watch the bottom sequence.