Recoil Systems

Recoil Systems design and manufacture various custom damping and comfort mods for shotguns, using the most advanced materials available. These add-ons greatly reduce the impact and discomfort that unabated recoil can cause.

Around 6,000lbs of recoil force is released in the first millisecond following a gun's discharge but with the ISIS II Light, this force is first absorbed by the damper, compressing the miniature shock absorber, which then releases it over approximately 7 milliseconds with a steady force of about 1,000lbs as it decompresses back to its initial state. The result for shooters is a much greater level of comfort and thus consistency in their performance, especially over longer sessions with a large number of targets.

From the original ISIS Recoil Damper, launched in 2001 with great success, we have continued to develop the technology and launch new products. The latest ISIS II Light Recoil Damper is now substantially lighter and even more efficient than the original, and building on the success of the Recoil damper, we have since launched comb raisers to provide improved and firmer contact with the face, the best selling Green Pad recoil pad and the advanced XPad (both with EvoComp versions) and adjustable recoil pads, all of which can be used on their own or with the ISIS II Light Recoil Damper.

Please take a look at our various products and see just how they can help you improve accuracy, consistency and overall levels of enjoyment and success, as they have with many other club and competition shooters. If you would like any further information or clarifications, you can use the inquiry form on the Contact page or you can call us directly on +44 (0) 1763 837 140.

About Us

Recoil Systems is the brainchild of David Izzard, a skilled engineer and tool maker by trade, and a top sporting and FITASC shot by passion. David reached the peak of the sport in the 1990’s, with numerous England and Great Britain team places to his name.

However, rather than enjoying the fruits of his success, David was starting to dread pulling the trigger. What started as a fall-off in performance as a result of hesitating before firing, developed into a full-scale and virtually uncontrollable flinch.

Having tried every known remedy and type of gun to cure the problem, without success, David started looking at recoil-dampening devices but was disappointed by what was available.

So in true engineering style, David started to research the materials that would be required to design and manufacture the ultimate recoil damper. After lengthy research into component manufacturers around the world, along with a number of prototypes built and tested, Recoil Systems was born and the original ISIS Recoil Damper launched in 2001, receiving very positive reviews from the press and shooters.

“David Izzard’s Isis recoil reduction system has been one of the hits of recent times, with many shooters feeling the benefit of its high-tech design.” – Clay Shooting Magazine, August 2002

However, the extra weight added to the gun by the recoil damper and the change in balance that it caused, were a problem for some and so in 2002, Recoil Systems launched the ISIS Light Recoil Damper and replaced the metal body with a new high impact resistant engineering polymer, resulting in a substantially lighter unit. The new body material is also popular with gunsmiths as it is very easy to grind to shape.  The linear bearings were replaced with polymer lining and the shafts by lightweight aluminium with a hard anodised finish.  In 2010, a number of small modifications were made to the unit which increased the absorption by about 15% and it was renamed the ISIS II Light Recoil Damper

Recoil Systems continues to develop new products for professional and amateur shooters and now offers a variety of impact absorbing combs, recoil pads as well as 2 variations of the ISIS II Light Recoil Damper (Standard & Semi-Auto).

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